For many people work gives a sense of identity, purpose, meaning and achievement and it’s important that work and the workplace is experienced as satisfying and fulfilling. However, the workplace and environment can become stressful – and this can lead to significant issues.

Some of the issues that can occur

  • performance anxiety
  • burn-out or overload
  • frustration/ irritability
  • intolerance with self and/or with others
  • relationships with people are no longer satisfying
  • believing your career is in tatters
  • lacking balance between work and personal life
  • feeling intimidated or bullied
  • lacking confidence and self esteem
  • avoiding awkward situations, such as approaching your boss or a difficult colleague.

Physically you may suffer from headaches, body aches and pains, muscles seizing up, not sleeping or eating well, nauseousness.

Emotionally you may be feeling depressed, anxious, angry, no longer in control, impotent.

Psychologically your confidence and self esteem may have diminished; you don’t like yourself and all you have are negative thoughts; you may feel powerless to effect change either at work or within yourself; you may have become immobilised and do nothing; you may have become a workaholic as a way to avoid relationships.

If left untreated, or in extreme circumstances, you may experience a range of endocrine and immune system problems, as well as

  • digestive problems
  • high blood pressure
  • not wanting to go to work
  • having difficulty getting out of bed
  • not wanting to get involved in your life
  • abusing alcohol and/or drugs.

How counselling and therapy can help with work-related issues

Firstly we’ll define and analyse the problem. Some people aren’t sure what the cause of the problem is. Perhaps it’s directly work-related, or maybe it’s personal and that is impacting your job performance.

Depending on the issue, counselling will enable you to regain your confidence. I will help you develop the skills to manage your unique situation and work with you to develop healthy coping techniques.

In some cases, such as bullying, difficult decisions may have to be made. For example: the circumstances for resolving the work-related issue might include invoking formal steps as defined by your specific workplace procedures, or maybe resigning.

I will help you make the decision that is right for you and support you through the process.