Counselling and Psychotherapy help people struggling with everyday issues who may need additional support to:

  • help them through challenging or traumatic events in their life, both past and present
  • identify negative behaviours and patterns of relating

… in order to move forward in life with more positive strategies.

COUNSELLING generally helps people improve their sense of wellbeing, alleviate distress, resolve crises, increases their ability to solve problems and empowers them to make their own decisions.

PSYCHOTHERAPY may be more helpful for psychological problems that have built up over the years, and in my practice also includes treatment for trauma.

My role is to help you make sense of what’s happening, not just to put a name to your experience.

The key to success: During my 30+ years of experience I have learned that the relationship of therapist and client is key to success. Together we create the environment where you can relax, feel safe and valued, speak about your situation openly and be heard with empathy, in comfortable surroundings.

During therapy you may reveal things that you’ve told very few, if any, other people. All your communication with me – whether face to face in sessions, by phone, email or skype – will remain confidential.

Find out more: You can find out more about my services and how I work on the Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact me to explore how I may be able to help you.

If you have questions …

Please feel free to contact me and discuss how I can help you and your particular circumstances.

I bring more than 30 years of experience in practice as a psychologist, with additional skills as an certified practitioner in the Richards Trauma Process and specialist training in Imago Relationship Therapy. You can read about my professional qualifications on the About me page.