When people start to think about marriage they usually think about the BIG DAY, and how life will be after the wedding can be neglected.

I recommend pre-marriage counselling for a number of reasons

It’s an opportunity to make sure you’re both on the same page and want the same things out of life. Often people think they know their partner, but it isn’t until you live with someone and have been through some of life’s challenges together that you find out, maybe too late, that this isn’t the person you thought they were.

How pre-marriage counselling can help put good foundations in place

We’ll explore a number of important areas:

  • Expectations and shared dreams – Are you on the same page when it comes to these?
  • Religion and spiritual life – Is this important to you?
  • Money – Do you have debts or poor credit problems that will be shared? Do you share the same ideas about how to spend and save money… what to use it for?
  • Roles – Do you both agree on how you’ll actually live together on the day-to-day level… who will do what?
  • Family life – How involved will your in-laws, parents or family members be in the relationship?
  • Communication – Solving problems and working through conflict – How are your skills? Have they been put to the test?

I like to help couples address these questions and any others that arise as a result of our discussions, usually over three 1.5 hour sessions.

I give you some fun exercises to do at home as well as teaching useful communication skills.

I find that by addressing these questions now, couples feel more prepared and confident going into their new live together.