The many phases of our lives can include periods of time where we are alone and would rather be in a meaningful relationship. It’s important that we find ways to enjoy the many benefits of being single.

Being alone does not have to mean being miserable and unhappy

Treat being single as an opportunity to reconnect with your self and revaluate what’s important for you and what you wish to do in life. Perhaps this can be a time to recalibrate and chart a new or different course.

This can be an ideal time for reflection – This time can be used to work on accepting the past, appreciate the present and move on in life. This is the time to look after yourself. Reflect on and change those parts of your life that need attention. Perhaps your self esteem is low. Check areas where you may lack confidence and work on this so you are ready to be in the relationship that reflects who you really want to be.

Understand that every cloud has a silver lining – Being single is not the end of the world and perhaps it’s better to be single than in an unhealthy or unfulfilling relationship. Maybe being single is providing the space for something new to come into your life that you’d not previously considered.

Appreciate friends and family – Being single is the perfect time to focus on friendships and spending quality time with family members. It is also an opportunity to forge new friendships. If you’re recently out of a long term relationship this can be a time to learn to deal with different people and also to develop new skills.

Being an optimist – Optimism is a key to happiness and contentment. The ability to see the glass as half full rather than half empty – look at what is rather than what isn’t. Being single gives us the option to cherish our freedom and flexibility. For example you can go on a trip on an impulse or do something spontaneously and enjoy the moment.

Explore new opportunities in life – You might have been thinking about relocating somewhere else for that wonderful new job opportunity, but the complexities of relationships might have held you back. Being single is the perfect time to explore those opportunities.

So I invite you to find your courage, focus on new possibilities and look beyond what has been to what could be!